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Structural Design Group (SDG) is a specialized structural design office established by Kunio Watanabe in 1969.

SDG was organized with the aim of creating distinctive structural spaces whilst using leading technology.
Staff are therefore young and creative, and include both Japanese and foreign personnel.
Networks with outside organizations such as universities, research institutes and professional associations have been established so that the necessary technology and research information can be imm ediately available.

The main objective of our activities is to make a contribution to the structural design of buildings which helps to create a true architecture with a richness in the use of structure, and at the same time employs the best technology.

The materials and forms of our designs are wide-ranging; reinforced concrete, steel frame, steel- reinforced concrete, pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete, timber, tension and shell structures, and structural glass.
At the same time we undertake the associated engineering design problems such as ground engineering, seismic engineering, elasto-plastic design, computer engineering, and vibration engineering.
Furthermore, we deal not only with new buildings, but also with existing buildings which are to be refurbished, rebuilt or enlarged.
These activities bring an overall theme to our work which is at once interesting and complex.

SDG has a view to act world-wide alongside the work on Japanese projects.
Engineers at SDG adopt a broad-minded approach not limited by the boundaries of their own specialisms. We believe that there are two aims which engineers should maintain; necessary conditions and sufficient conditions. Necessary conditions are the establishment in theory of rational systems dealing with such areas as mechanics and materials science, safety, durablility, economics, and construction method.

The sufficient condition lies in the expression of artistic values through the realization of innovative and dynamic spaces possessing structural beauty. Based individual sensibilites it derives from the aesthetic values of each engineer.

On the other hand the realization of architecture requires the collaborative effort of specialists in a range of subjects. If one considers not only design but also the engineers participating in actual manufacture, then the team becomes very large. Only by working toward a common aim in a spirit where mutual differences in approach can be used constructively can the multi-disciplinary team succeed.

At SDG we consider technology and design to be fundamentally the same thing. Structural design aims to participate in the process of refinement of the overall design through consultation with specialists and design proposals, to achieve a fusion between technical and subjective aspects. Even though the starting point of each specialist may be different, by concentrating all efforts on one particular building successful solution can be reached in the end. In this way all specialists participating take on a portion of the responsibility. It is only when one has felt the weight of responsibility that it becomes possible to present a piece to the world as one's own work.

Inside SDG WORKS you will find an outline of all SDG projects undertaken up until the present. SDG also participated as the resident structural engineer in each case, and we are confident that each project demonstrates that SDG has fully carried its responsibilties.

Finally in OFFICES are introductions to the staff at SDG who have worked to realize the above projects.

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