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Thesis “Current condition and the future of Pre-cast Concrete Architecture”

Thesis “Approach to the Structure Design”

We believe that the idea of “Structure Design” is indispensable for the creation of architectural space which makes the new era and the society. The purpose of this thesis is to address the reason and the method of it.

Series “Curriculum of Structure” featured by Shin-Kenchiku

Regarding the original idea, current situation and the future of “Technologies supporting the Architectural Space”, who accomplished? how it has been taken over and developed? what the problem in its process? Such questions shall guide us to the development of technologies in near future. We focus on these questions with photos and drawings.

Apr.1997The era of structure design –possibility of new architectural expression-
May.1997Glass structure –change to the transparency-
Jun.1997Truss structure –variety of trusses-
Jul.1997High-rise building –from ”higher” to “more amenity”-
Aug.1997Concrete shell –jumping surface-
Sep.1997Steel shell –two surface, steel basket and steel shell-
Oct.1997Timber structure 1 –timber technology creating the modern era-
Nov.1997Timber structure 2 –engineering wood and vernacular-
Jan.1998Flat slab, Grid beam structure –large space by floor-
Feb.1998Membrane structure –beyond the “festival space”-
Mar.1998Frame structure –infinite hexahedron-
May.1998Frame large structure –hybrid structure from the mixture of architectural function-
Jun.1998Fold plate structure –meaning of fold process-
Jul.1998Tensile structure –possibility of technology-
Aug.1998Curriculums of dynamics and cubic geometry
Oct.1998Dome –structure system for large space-
Nov.1998Pre-cast Concrete –new development of pre-cast concrete-
Dec.1998Arch structure –from arch to cylinder shell-
Feb.1999Space frame –three dimensional space-
Mar.1999Metallurgy, casting, machine fabrication –structure design by the cast steel-
Apl.1999High-Tech architecture –XXX-
May.1999Hybrid structure –harmony of infinite possibility-
Jul.1999Columns and walls –support the gravity-
Aug.1999Canti-lever –challenge the gravity-
Nov.1999Fin “Curriculum of Structure” –future of structure design-

Series “Biographies of Structure Engineers” featured by Kenchiku-Bunka

“Structure Engineer” played a part of important role to create the modern architecture. When, where, what did they? How is their philosophy for the design? Through their work, we introduce their biography.
(May, 1995-Dec, 1996)

May.1995Joseph Paxtonpioneer of industrialization and systemyzation
Jul.1995Gustave Eiffelintegration of dynamics and beauty
Sep.1995Robert Maillartforce follows the shape
Oct.1995Ugene Fresinetfather of pre-stressed concrete
Nov.1995Pierre Luigi Nerviinspirational structure space
Dec.1995Ove Arup´development of high-tech
Jan.1996Edward Trojafigurelization of structure principle
Feb.1996Backminster Fullerdesigning the space principle
May.1996Conrad Waxmanphilosopher of joint
Jun.1996Riccard Morandilarge space by heavy space
Jul.1996Felix Candelashell as only one shelter of space
Aug.1996Frei Ottonature and light weight structure
Oct.1996David Gaiger
Horst Burger
new movement of membrane
Nov.1996Peter Riceproto-type and variation
Dec.1996Santiago Caratlavabeyond the modern structure engineer


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